Must Have Auto Repair Tools To Buy As A Beginner

Must Have Auto Repair Tools To Buy As A Beginner.

DIY car maintenance has become essential in this age of self-sufficiency. So, doing your repairs to save money sounds like a good idea, doesn't it? And, to work on cars, you would want to have some basic auto repair tools.

Like a professional mechanic, you should invest in high-quality tools that come with a lifetime replacement guarantee. The best part is that they should be reasonably priced! To begin, a car repair kit should include a set of combination wrenches, a ratchet wrench and socket set, an adjustable wrench, a couple of regular screwdrivers, some pliers, and an assortment of special-purpose tools such as an oil filter wrench, a small floor jack, and a jack stand. If you are searching for these repair tools in Dubai, Golden Tools would be the best place to get everything under one roof.

The Tools You Need to Maintain Your Vehicle

You can skip the auto shop and start doing your car maintenance with the right engineer repair tools, whether you're fixing an old car or have a brand new model.

You'll save time and money with your car tools, and if something breaks, you'll have the confidence and know-how to fix it. Here are the best car tools you'll need to get started.

Air Compressor

If you're serious about painting cars and doing auto body work for a living, you'll want an air compressor that will last for years. It's ideal for painting a car or a large van and will easily power all of your air tools. It's a workhorse that you'll be glad you purchased. When it comes to compressors, bigger is better. However, a 25-35 gallon air compressor will suffice if you only plan on painting touch-ups and working on motorcycles.

Spanners/Hand Wrenches

These magnificent tools are the ideal companion for performing essential maintenance and car repair tasks. Carry a set of open-end/box end wrenches (also known as combination wrenches) ranging in size from 11 mm to 19 mm to handle all the nuts and bolts you're likely to come across.

Purchase a wrench/spanner set that includes both open and closed-end combination wrenches. Look for reputable spanner manufacturers whose spanners are drop-forged tempered alloy steel plated for corrosion resistance and come with a lifetime guarantee. If you are buying auto repair tools from Golden Tools, you will get great options with amazing discounts.

Wrenches for Specialized Applications

To loosen or tighten a nut, use a set of flare nut wrenches or an adjustable wrench. You can also get one with a large jaw opening that can handle nuts up to an inch long and an inch in diameter.


Screwdrivers are usually best purchased in sets. A set of long and short handles is often included to increase versatility. In general, two types of screwdrivers are extremely useful in auto repairs: flat-tipped and cross-tipped screwdrivers. They are available with both plastic and wooden handles and provide a firm grip. Similarly, the screwdriver should be plated for corrosion resistance and have hardened steel blade tips. When you are shopping for your power or air tools from a reputable dealer like Golden Tools, you will get good deals on the price.


A pair of long needle-nose pliers is a must-have in any car mechanic's toolbox. Pliers should be corrosion-resistant and ideally made of tempered steel. At the same time, the grip of the pliers is critical. The handles of some pliers are protected by plastic covers. Yes, they look nice and offer some protection, but if the covers don't fit perfectly, they'll slip off when the pliers get greasy. You need to take care of the small details while buying auto repair tools.

Oil Change Equipment

An oil filter wrench is an essential tool for changing oil. To ensure that the wrench is the correct size for your car's oil filter. Remember that there are several different filter wrenches for a variety of cars with different-sized oil filters. So choose your oil filter wrench wisely. Look for wrenches with a metal band that completely wraps around the filter. Finally, if access to the filter is restricted, you may need to use a filter wrench that fits over the end of the filter.

Spark Plug Gauges

Most spark plugs are shipped from the factory "pre-gapped." However, the gap may not be ideal for every device that the spark plugs are designed to fit. Refer to your vehicle's emissions decal under the hood for the recommended spark plug gap, and use a spark plug gauge to adjust and check the electrode gap on the spark plugs.

Dual Action Sander

This isn't strictly necessary, but it will save you a TON of time with basic sanding and body filler shaping.

So, these are the most common auto repair tools that are widely available. Understanding their functions will assist you in understanding how to maintain your vehicle for the long haul.

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